Sunday, March 4, 2012

Terra NYC (Paris Capsule)

TERRA NEW YORK is a new, smart and innovative rainwear company created by a duo of designers, marketing professionals, and bicycle lovers. As the label to offer fashion-forward and functional rain gear—to the urbanite as well as the bike-savvy suburbanite!
TERRA NEW YORK rainwear products are crafted to withstand heavy rain and other inclement weather all while projecting a sleek and stylish look. Terra New York raincoats are 100% water proof, using heat sealed technic for the seams to stop water. Breathing openings in the sleeves and underneath flap storms provide comfort to the wearer.
Terra New York: chic rainwear, water resistant raincoats, fashionable rain gear, waterproof trench coats!
A lot of great accessories and  are so cool to feel and see in person, the fabric is beautiful and construction is artistic!
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