Sunday, March 11, 2012

La Mangerie

My friend  Raphaël brought me to this super popular and delicious tapas restaurant in Paris
La Mangerie opened about 9 months ago and has taken off as a hot spot in Paris. It's intimate and fun space make it such a local go to spot ...Not to mention the owner,Serge! He is the heart and soul of this restaurant. Keeping the mood up fun and exciting ,you can tell he is doing what he loves and does best! 


camille said...

why can't we have anything good like this? why? absolutely beautiful.

Reed Davis said...

Right¿ I agree ...Maybe its up to us...I so glad you liked it
Thanks so much,
comments means a lot :-)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Reed! This place looks beautiful and you've photographed it perfectly. Love the human aspect to the shots as well. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

Raphael said...

Wow, great shots !