Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OMG...... Its Christmas!!!!

I should have thought about that in June when we shot this and gotten my shopping done then !!!! Every year it comes up so fast!
Enjoy the season and my best wishes to everyone for a wonderful and exciting year ahead
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Musée De L'Orangerie

So cool , After being on my panorama binge, Patrice told me we were going somewhere secret.
It was such a surprise and so amazing to see these panoramic works of Monet at the Musée de L'Orangerie.
I did not know of these¿!? right, where have I been!
Just Amazing
visit the site to see a virtual tour and the history of the Museum
I loved the museum lighting for the painting was so beautiful and it was so cool to see the Master Impressionist in such a modern space.

Street Dancing

Here is a funny little clip I put together of some of the street hip hop dancers in Paris

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Musée Rodin

Patrice took me to the Rodin Gardens.
It was so relaxing and peaceful to be in the gardens on such a beautiful day . I enjoy Rodin's work , there is a depth and proportion to his hand that I find so emotional.
In the second image I love how the sculpture falls into the garden with the trees and in the third how the stone becomes soft and sensual and in the fourth image , the more I look the more faces I see. It is really is amazing.
Inside the museum was a wonderful showing of Matisse and Rodin .

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let's Hangout, La Tour Eiffel

So great to hang out and watch the clouds going by ... Funny to think is is going on all the time
It was 11 min reduced to 2 minutes
Music was inspired by a favorite composer , Philip Glass, from "The Photographer"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Paris Panorama

Maybe I am channeling a French Panoramic Painter.
I have been struck by the awesome beauty of the landscape the colors,reflections, shape and drama especially in the sky and water.
Its amazing to behold.
Normally in my work , Its paying attention to the small details but its refreshing to take in such a grand scene.

Paris Autumn 2009

Well here I am back in Paris
It is such a beautiful city. I am at a loss for what to do the possibilities seem endless and overwhelming.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mr Irving Penn

Can I share my Irving Penn story .......... First I say this with all respect for Mr Penn and his amazing contribution to Photography and imagery. Also as most of you know I'm not the greatest writer... hello I'm a photographer I look at the pretty pictures:-)

When I moved to New York, my friend worked at Clinique and started giving me some test assignment to help me pay the bills and get adjusted to life in Manhattan.

She had an idea for a new ad campaign, to enlarge make up smears and make them look like modern art, Very simple ,Very Graphic.

We shot them together in my apartment in the village until 3 am. I have funny pics of us, as we shot the messy make up blobs. Anyway, I handed over the final film, she scanned and mocked up advertising comps for a presentation and it was a HUGE success! They looked so cool, especially at that time because all the cosmetic company still life ads were the bottles and containers and not nearly so creative to include the actual product.
She informed me at the beginning and I knew the finals would be shot by Mr Penn because he was under contract with Clinique. I was so excited to shoot the test and be that closely tide to Mr Penn, who's work I had admired and respected since .....14 yrs.. old.

Well , I walked into the Clinique's office a month or so later to have lunch with my friend, everything there was crazy and everyone tense. I remember the Creative Director smiling at me as he shut his door yelling into the phone" I don't care that he doesn't do reshoots, He will reshoot them or we will be forced break our contract and run what we have"

Over lunch I was given the story, that Mr Penn shot the campaign. The presentation was received with very little enthusiasm from the board of directors. I was told they asked what had happened to original shoots?

So, my friend said it was the worst days she had at work (up to that point ) when Mr Penn agreed to reshoot the images. She had to bring my photos, which were blown up to 16x20 and hang them on his studio walls to copy!
I was blown away. I still feel very privileged and honored that Mr Penn knew my work ...... even if he probably hated me for it.

So much of his Photography has influenced me ... the frozen peas, the tulips, the cigarette images, the shot through the screen, the V wall portraits and the earthly bodies series. I think what I respected the most is that he was a photographer, whether that be still life, fashion, food or portrait. He embodied, to me that a great and true photographer was not the object in front of the camera but the light, crop and energy that surrounded it.

Thank you for portraying and leaving us your perspective of the world and your time with it
with my respect
Rest in peace

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Deck Inspiration

I love the view from our deck in Los Angeles. For the longest time I have been stumped at what to do with it . Not until I decided to get ride of our shabby chic couches did Patrice chime in and say ..... "You know what, it would be great to put these out on the deck ! We will never find more comfortable deck furniture and besides they are in such great condition !" We are in Southern California as well , Outdoor living is what Los Angeles does best. We had the couches cover in a crazy strip from Sunbrella . Patrice picked originally, I was a bit out of my comfort zone ... you know I like simple and white .. but upon seeing the finished pieces I fell in LOVE .. Its so different from what I ever imagined the deck to be , It is now my favorite place in the house and offers me endless opportunity to explore new possibilities with the world around me .
Smokey sunset from the fires

Friday, July 31, 2009

PBTeen Covers

Here's a look at some of the Pottery Barn Teen covers I have worked on
Out now :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Heeeerrrre'sssss GRACE !!!!

Grace was amazing show!
I don't think there is anyone like her today who has surrendered themselves so much to ART.
She is a true muse.
I am inspired and grateful for her.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

La Roux @ Cafe Du Nord

Went to see La Roux , UK Electro-Pop sensation at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco Great Concert in an intimate venue . I took a shot at some concert photography ... very exciting .
Also had fun meeting her after, Thank you Roman and Gary !!!!
BTW... Loved her shoes the new Metallic Dior!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Market Street.......... Mark

I met Mark in San Francisco. He is another Friend of my friend Roman. Mark has worked on some amazing architecture projects in San Francisco . I could really appreciate the modern way he approaches classic pieces.
Mark is wearing Kenneth Cole shoes,Kenneth Cole, shirt: Hugo Boss, Jeans: Kenneth Cole ( however I am not a Kenneth Cole whore) with Mykita eyeglasses, ID Bracelet given to him for his high school graduation. Timbuktu messenger bag.
His good friend Michael at Salon on the Square has cut my since 1983!

Some of his favorite spots in San Francisco are Ted Baker, Kenneth Cole, Hugo Boss for clothing . He is loving Zuni and Absinthe right now for dinner... they are both within walking distance from his apartment and Cresta's Twenty Two Eleven Club, it is a small dive bar on Polk Street with great music and bartender

Is there a story behind this outfit?
I have gravitate toward this look lately since I dislike trips to the tailor when I find clothes that fit I tend to wear them to death...

What is your motto?
Hope springs eternal.

What is your most marked characteristic?
My calm and humble Midwestern demeaner.

What are you listening to musically?
I have been listening to podcasts of trashy club music like "Boombox Delights", dance mixes on "Danceateria" and of course the The Carpenters.

What books are you reading?
Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclist are Changing American Cities, and Appropriate: The Houses of Joseph Esherick, (city planning and architecture geek)

Who is your favorite artist/composers/painters/poets?
I am a big fan of the Abstract Expressionist painters Jackson Pollack, Franz Kline, sculptors Calder and Noguchi, and local artist Ruth Asawa. My favorite composers tend to be early 20th Century American's Samuel Barber and Aaron Copeland.

June 2009 NewsStand

Veranda June 2009This was a really fun story to shot with Veranda. 
I met Suzanne Goin on a shoot 2 years earlier, at that time her restaurant Lucques was already a phenomenal success and she was working on a new project A.O.C. Wine Bar now, another staple in the culinary word. She is such an amazing and talented person and both restaurants are a must when visiting Los Angeles.

This house, I shot for House Beautiful, was so cozy tucked away along the coast in Malibu. It had the most beautiful view of the ocean and sunset. It felt like being on your own island, hard to believe we were so close to LA

This story I shot in Manhattan Beach , CA for Better Homes & Gardens. 
Amazing cottage and the home owner ,Erin Curci, makes the most beautiful reclaimed furniture. You always meet interesting  people on this job which I love .

and Fit pregnancy! Always fun !!!! 
Molly Ringwald was so great that day and I really enjoyed shooting her for the cover. No celeb. secrets/dish to tell ... she was really down to earth, normal and a good sense of humour. 
I also worked on several smaller stories which dotted the issue. I scanned the Style page I worked on as well as a pelvic exercise story for after pregnancy. Always learning new things :-)