Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Musée Rodin

Patrice took me to the Rodin Gardens.
It was so relaxing and peaceful to be in the gardens on such a beautiful day . I enjoy Rodin's work , there is a depth and proportion to his hand that I find so emotional.
In the second image I love how the sculpture falls into the garden with the trees and in the third how the stone becomes soft and sensual and in the fourth image , the more I look the more faces I see. It is really is amazing.
Inside the museum was a wonderful showing of Matisse and Rodin .


Shop Szabo said...

Breathtaking! So dramatic, I love it!

Reed Davis said...

Thanks Szabo
I am so glad you enjoyed my images :-)
It was a beautiful tranquil museum

Annette said...

beautiful Reed! Happy Holidays Love...hope we work together again someday! xoxo

patrice said...

Just had to look at your pictures again to remember this beautiful place of art. I really think you got some great photos here.