Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking time to be Thankful for everyone and thing that helps me to be.
Thank you
And in the spirit of being different and good to myself I decided to make  Khicheri (a mung bean and rice dish) and garlic greens with some Kale from the garden:-)
Again Thank you

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#Snow NYC

Love staring at this instagram of when I was stuck in the snow/slush uptown

Sunday, November 4, 2012

AFTERMATH - Volunteering after Sandy

Flying into NYC on the red-eye, over the city just before sunrise you could really see the effect of Sandy. I was amazed to see where all the electricity was out in Queens and Long Island and the amount of coastline that was washed out and homes just devastated. You begin to understand the awe of nature and devastation left by hurricane sandy.
My Friend Taaj found places for us to go and volunteer our time to help after I arrived. Met some other friends  and made some new. 
God Bless NewYorkers for that strength to pick up and move forward!
We also brought blankets people still are without power and heat and that can be deadly with cold weather coming...
Red Cross and organizations still need money and helping hands especially for the elderly or homebound people and animals

Here are some links to help and new


Hanging out at the Park Bar ;-)

My Friend Taaj is amazing!

 I was fortunate enough to hang with her at the Park and see some of her daily exercise
She works in physical training and therapies and has been a Huge inspiration in helping me stand up straighter  and to be a taller stronger person 
She is incredible as a  person and  an athlete
Thank you!