Monday, August 1, 2016

Broadway For Black Lives Matter at Columbia University

So honored to have been invited into this group of "Broadway for Black Lives Matter".
It began with a call from my friends Taaj and Britton Smith to see if I would be interested in contributing and joining the conversation. We all met on Sunday at Columbia University's Law School to discuss the meaning of the movement, and  to share our experiences and thoughts. So many incredible ideas came from this day of conversation. 
Next, a pre-show dinner, with more dialogue that lead to a moving evening of talent and activism 
 Black Westchester wrote about it here (click to read)
I was asked to assemble photos of civil rights marches and leaders... It was remarkable to research more about these individuals, events
Highlites  in moving forward
 •Police Criminality is real
•Practice Radical Empathy
•The revolution begins within me: Self Care
•#BlackLivesMatter is not a civil rights movement but a Human Rights movement embracing Race, Gender, Self Identity and Fluid Sexuality
Daniel Beaty ...AMAZING
Ledisi  .....Incredible
India Arie ....... Divine
So many Gifted Contributors... Please Watch the live stream below

Please check out the links