Saturday, January 29, 2011

Relax try.....I dare you:-)

 End of a great photography shoot and a nice way to begin 2011.
This is so you could get away to the beach whenever you wanted and have a little vacation! Please enjoy the waves and the tiny little boat.
relax..... try for 3 minutes

can't wait to put it on the big TV and just lay there and stare like I do with the Eiffel tower video :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!! 2011

 What a great way to spend New Years Day, Patrice and I tested vegan recipes for a friends new cookbook. 
Not that I am interested in becoming vegan (sorry Cheese is just way too good) its always fun to try new things and we alway make that a part of our new years 

First French Toast with a Cardamom Pear Compote
this seemed fun to me at first (no egg or milk) but I was surprised the texture and the taste were right on ! The Compote really gave the richness that didn't make you miss anything not even the the butter

then Home-made Hummus bi Tahini

 Ok I thought Hummus ... don't you just buy that already made! I have to say it was well worth the effort to make from scratch! It tasted so fresh, plus there is something to be said for making it yourself and participating in the process

and last but not least Muhammara

 This was an amazingly flavorful dip/spread! I had never had it but the taste of the peppers and the pomegranate molasses!!!! My new favorite thing! I spread it on grilled bread and topped with some baby arugula sprouts from the garden. It made a great lunch with a glass of Viognier! (hope thats vegan)

Thank goodness I was able to clean the bowl with some pita chips!!!