Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Market Street.......... Mark

I met Mark in San Francisco. He is another Friend of my friend Roman. Mark has worked on some amazing architecture projects in San Francisco . I could really appreciate the modern way he approaches classic pieces.
Mark is wearing Kenneth Cole shoes,Kenneth Cole, shirt: Hugo Boss, Jeans: Kenneth Cole ( however I am not a Kenneth Cole whore) with Mykita eyeglasses, ID Bracelet given to him for his high school graduation. Timbuktu messenger bag.
His good friend Michael at Salon on the Square has cut my since 1983!

Some of his favorite spots in San Francisco are Ted Baker, Kenneth Cole, Hugo Boss for clothing . He is loving Zuni and Absinthe right now for dinner... they are both within walking distance from his apartment and Cresta's Twenty Two Eleven Club, it is a small dive bar on Polk Street with great music and bartender

Is there a story behind this outfit?
I have gravitate toward this look lately since I dislike trips to the tailor when I find clothes that fit I tend to wear them to death...

What is your motto?
Hope springs eternal.

What is your most marked characteristic?
My calm and humble Midwestern demeaner.

What are you listening to musically?
I have been listening to podcasts of trashy club music like "Boombox Delights", dance mixes on "Danceateria" and of course the The Carpenters.

What books are you reading?
Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclist are Changing American Cities, and Appropriate: The Houses of Joseph Esherick, (city planning and architecture geek)

Who is your favorite artist/composers/painters/poets?
I am a big fan of the Abstract Expressionist painters Jackson Pollack, Franz Kline, sculptors Calder and Noguchi, and local artist Ruth Asawa. My favorite composers tend to be early 20th Century American's Samuel Barber and Aaron Copeland.

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