Monday, March 5, 2012

7/31 and Ginger-Up

I went to visit the most Amazing Book store in Paris...OFR and found that they had rented the cafe gallery to an amazing clothes designer 7/31 to show their new collection along with Furniture designer Ginger-up. Both innovative and creative designers!


Two girls, defne Husrevoglu and MAIKO suzuki were BOTH born on ISLANDS. MAIKO is from the island of Japan, and Husrevoglu is from an island in Canada. BOTH headed to Paris for different reasons, and met under the same roof in the ghettos of Paris.  They soon discovered that they happen to share the same birthday, JULY 31ST, inspiring their name “SEVENTHIRTYONE”. They hit it off right away, and started planning for the future. Nothing will ever stop these two girls. One day, one girl had an idea to do a collection in SEVEN days. Her new friend agreed and the rest is history.
“SEVENTHIRTYONE” is a clothing line inspired by the two girls’ unique culture and backgrounds. The result… CANADIAN JAPANESE RETRO. The collection is all about quality, texture and shape.
All of the fabrics have been collected in the heart of PARIS.
Inovative furniture designs from recycled wood 

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