Friday, March 9, 2012

French Trotters

Love this Boutique French Trotters!
They have 2 great stores that I have been to in Paris, this is the original store in the 11e and the other is in the Marais. The store is an amazing display of fabulous chic picks for Parisians .
They also have an amazing website and blog.

I was introduce to Robin at French Trotters, who has a great men's blog
and runs an on-line collaboration with French trotters called

With an amazing selection of local  brands as well as there own hand crafted designs, it is a great place to check out stylish classics for both men and woman.... and not to forget they have started  a Home department

Check Out French Trotters
they also Have a Kids Store

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Raphael said...

You shoot Paris so right !
Coolest store in town !