Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alexander McQueen Madness

Ok , So I am no Paparazzi! But I thought I would go to check out the atmosphere at the McQueen show, Of course with the fantasy that I could somehow get in:-)
I got there and was amazed by the crowds...It was crazy madness but at the same time you are swept up in it and can't help to be a little awe struck!
Notice above the distinctive bob of Anna Wintour! 
can you see? 
Like I said Im not a Paparazzi...They are very skilled at what they do at these events!
Anyway, Please indulge me with  shots below:-)
Pleaseeeee tell me you see them :-)
Grace Coddington,  Selma Hayak,  Linda Wells,  Andre Leon Talley and Hello 
Jeanne Beker..... mixed with other oh so cool people

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