Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sustainable and Chic

Thank goodness for Nysha of Ardenwood edibles! She came by to check out the minifarmBoxes and help plant some late growing summer vegetables. Nysha has her business landscaping and sells organic non-genicically modified heirloom seeds for gardening. Her plants have really grown SO well at our house. She pointed out that the seeds are a healthier stock and normally you get more plants per seed pack and stronger better producing more nutritious plants as well. Our garden has really been a testament to that.
We had a great time planting. Nysha gave us some tips like when planting the cucumber and the squash  that you should be very gentle with the roots ....don't break them up or disturb them too much. She also reminded us what Conor had pointed out about planting tomatoes. If you look you can see like little hairs on the stem, those are roots,if you remove the lower leafs of the plant it can allow you to plant the tomatoes deeper into the soil giving the plant more stability and a stronger root system :-)
Looking GREAT... notice the beautiful platform Conor built at the end for me??
Hopefully I will have a surprise coming :-)

Check out Nysha's site Ardenwood Edibles


MT said...

tres chic! said...

Your place looks great Reed! I am sure you and Patrice will enjoy your new garden every chance you get. Best to you both.

Reed Davis said...

Thanks Victor!! It is pumping out the tomatoes and squash .... let me tell you !!!!! Just saw my first eggplant yesterday:-)
Hope you are doing well I enjoy reading your posts !

ps thanks MT your Chic!