Monday, July 18, 2011

Surprise.... Send in the Bee's

I have wanted to keep bee's  for a while so I was surprised  to find out Conor's friend Andrew, a local beekeeper,had a hive that needed a new home. I volunteered immediately!!! They came the other night and seem to be adjusting well to their new home :-)


lisa b. said...

These are lovely: serene and lush. Im such a fan.
They also caught the attention and admiration of my 1st AC (I'm on set)
The bees are so lucky of their new home!
I hope to have ees one day too! Best of luck my dear!

Reed Davis said...

Lisa :-)
Thank you so much !!! Just when I think know one is even looking at these posts,I get a great response !:-)
Bee's have really be so therapeutic for me... Its hard to explain but I can just stare at their coming and going for hours! and you would hardly know that they are here.
Thank you

patrice said...

They are great. I watch them come home after their hard day of work.