Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garden Growth

Some things have just exploded in the garden ... remember I got things in late and wasn't sure what might do well in the area or with my wind and strong sun . I am so excited to see what is happening and watch the daily growth. My friend beth came over the other day to help me manage some of the plants ... for example the tomatoes have gone insane (which I am really excited about) I learned from her that I can prune it back some by looking for the elbow joints and if you see a runner coming from the middle, clip it off ( not all but most) plant may be smaller and produce slightly fewer tomatoes she said but the ones it it does will taste better :-) 
some exciting things I am looking forward too :-)
all these tomatoes, squash and eggplants

thank you


patrice said...

looks great...

mt.washington said...

I'm jealous of your garden. Beautiful!

Reed Davis said...

Don't be jealous Mt. :-) if I can do it so can you:-)... Plus I don't mind sharing ....u might end up with some squash;-)