Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Outside Alexander McQueen Prêt à porter saison Automne Hiver 2013/2014

Well, Not sure if you remember last year when I tried to capture Alexander McQueens show, It was at night and  I really was not prepared for the spectacle I was about to see! It was however a great learning process and thats what I wanted ..... you have to start somewhere ¿right?
This year I was happy to see the show was at 4:30pm (still daylight) and in my neighborhood  at Opéra Comique, place Boieldieu, Paris 2e. So I thought I would go and take what I learned and try again :-) 
Now I didn't get into the show but had an amazing and educational time outside
Take a look.....
Its fun to be remember it all used to be contact sheets ....so old school
ok here are some fun
and here's some of the more notorious subjects of Fashion I caught 
It was exciting and fun but also a total reality show.... My favorite on-lookers 
were these guys ..cracking up at the spectacle of "Fashion Week"

Ps I did love this
 photographers were having people walk down the little side streets and I kept hearing ...now don't look at me,  while all the car were honking for them to get out of the road.
The other fascinating thing to do was get on an iPhone in front of a nice backdrop
and Grace Coddington came right for me and then I found myself in the misted of a frenzy.
And from across The plaza I see the Fabulous 


You Go André!!!!

What a thrilling Afternoon


MT said...

hey! i just got the time to look at this! so cool-you caught so many of the fashionistas!
wish i was there with you.

Jennifer said...

Love your post, I felt like I was right there with you.