Monday, March 25, 2013

Blend Hamburger Gourmet

Ok you maybe wondering why I would have this Hamburger and Fries on my Blog .. Well because it a pretty AMAZING VEGGIE BURGER! YES! Veggi (I'll stop shouting) I am lucky enough to have it right down the street from where I a staying in Paris and It is Fantastic! Its Called Blend
 This one is the "veggie smoke" and its bleu cheese and veggie burger and just yummy!
 I spoke with one of the owners and he said that they frequently travels to places just to try burgers and explore flavor combinations and is heading out to California this week to go burger tasting. The menu is pretty basic but everything they do is done brilliantly, from the fries, regular and sweet potato, to the sauces and ketchup and even cookies.
 I am watching it become more popular ( the line out the front door grows longer everyday) but luckily you can have "emporter" 
Well there is one  more great Vegetarian suggestion in Paris!


camille said...

This looks so incredible. I can hardly stand it. Why can't we live in Paris???

Reed Davis said...

Right? It was so Good!!!!!!