Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clear Amend Plant

Well Thank goodness Conor could come by and help us get the winter garden in! We began by harvesting the last of the summer plants in the long box and clearing it. I felt so sad to pull the plants out , they still looked so hopeful but it was clear that we had planted these too late and there was not enough Sun and warmth to keep them going. We were not going to have the winter crop suffer the same consequences . 
After clearing everything we amended the boxes with compost and fresh soil ( those summer plants took a lot out of the soil and we needed to get some nutrients back in) We made sure to mix it well and break up any clumps. Then with a beautiful map and plants from Nysha, at  Ardenwood Edibles, we planned out where to plant and went to work
We have Brussel sprouts, cauliflower,mustard greens, shard,artichoke,spigarilla,leeks,beets,carrots and lots of other greens. I am so excited to see how we do
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