Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Beautiful Story: Congratulations Julien !!!

Last Summer, while shooting an editorial at our friend Emmanuelle and Julien's apartment in Paris.  I discovered some of Julien's drawing. I just loved them and they really showed his humour, talent and character as an amazing artist and graphic designer, So I photographed them for our story (Hoping that would be alright with him).
 When they returned from vacation in the south of France, I confessed to what I had done. He laughed and  explained that it was a project he was working on for fun but had not gotten together yet. He was happy that I liked them and was kind enough to offer some to me :-)
Well I will let him finish the story in his email he wrote:-)

"Hi guys!

Here is a beautiful story :
You remember my drawings this summer?
I was glad you liked it so I ve decided to send it to you.
When I brought it back to my agency to send it, my friend Xavier saw it and liked it.
So he decided to show it to Alex the owner of 0fr bookstore and Alex liked it!
So my drawings are there from today at 0fr, and I will show it at the Bon Marché next month!
Thanks to you!
See you soon!

Here are the photos the installation, I have called the serie "El Fumador""

It is the same OFR I visited and photographed for the blog :-) I Love it!!!! 

I am so happy for Julien and For my friends at OfR

Here is OFR blog about images