Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indian Summer Dinner

While Family was in town my aunt invited everyone up for dinner in Ojai. She made Indian food , which I never think to make but so perfect, and as always it was wonderful time and meal shared together!

Thanks Aunt Vicki :-)

and ps Happy Birthday Marshall :-)

psssst Grandma was there too:-)


vicleyson@gmail.com said...

These are beautiful pictures! They illustrate life imitating art which is so much nicer to see than the opposite. Amazing!

Reed Davis said...

Thanks Victor:-) honestly it's so great because it is so beautiful in Ojai and Vicki has such a beautiful house and impeccable taste it makes it easy and fun to hang out :-)

The ICON said...

Daal. Chapatti. Great. Now I'm hungry.

Beautiful pictures, Reed! You should try making Indian food. It can be really quick and easy!

Reed Davis said...

@ Joe So Glad to see your comment:-) Indian food is so good.....I am going to try and make it more a part of my diet!
Its so great for group dinner parties too.... I guess I always think of making Pasta... It must have something to do with my midwest upbringing ;-)
What do you like to make? ... any tips for me to start:-)