Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Reunion

Mom and Dad came out for a visit and brought two of Shuger's puppies (incase you didn't know Shuger had 10 puppies in 2003) My parents have Taffy and Bailey. Surprisingly they all were so happy to be reunited and I thought how wonderful that they get to see each other every once in a while... well good for me too. They mean so much too me and are so wonderful (except for the farting) !

Patrice shot this Great shot :-) above
Bailey, Taffy, Shuger and Henry

Taffy, Tiney ( our baby who has passed away ),Bailey and Henry at 4 weeks

Bailey, Taffy, Shuger (6 1/2yr), Buddy (another sister in the hood),Tiney and Henry at 4 yrs

Who would have thought all this started with this cute face 10 years ago :-) 

Although my applause to Gator who has put up with me and everyone else  for over 20 yrs
oh and is she bitchy about it but thats why we love her! 
I'm not too sure she will like this post;-)


Jackie Smith said...

I just LOVE Goldens!!! They are the best pups!!! These photos are just lovely!

Reed Davis said...

Thank you SOOOO Much Jackie... They are the best aren't they :-)I look forward to seeing some of your photography:-)

vicleyson@gmail.com said...

It never ceases to amaze me what we do for our dogs and how much we love them! Great pics (you should really think about taking pictures for a living!:), I feel honored having been able to spend time with your furry family!