Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saint-Sulpice Chic

I met Clémentine at Hervé Chapelier in Sant Suplice . I was drawn to her elegance and beauty but I loved her sense of humour
Clémentine is wearing Arthur and Fox suit, cashmere sweater with vintage Swiss army watch,Holland and Holland,and Guibert leather bracelets.
She loves to go around the corner for tailoring ,Across the street for Manicure / Pedicure and a block away from home for Dry cleaning and has her hair done by a girl friend who comes to her house. 
Her favorite Paris haunts are le Bon Marché, it's practical for clothes,  Fernand for traditional French cuisine and  ride's twice a week in Fontainebleau so she is not a night owl.

Is there a story behind this outfit?

What is…
Your motto?
Keep a stiff upper lip.

Your most marked characteristic?

Your likes…
What are you listening to musically?
Mahler, Georges Benson

What books are you reading?
Japonaises la revolution douce and Diana Mosley né

Who is your favorite artist/composers/painters/poets?
Mahler, Debussy, German impressionists, quattrocentists, Eluard

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