Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kitsuné .....Paris

In Paris at the Kisuné store I ran into Raphael
Raphael is wearing Boston Jacket by Kitsune, T'shirt by Petit Bateau x Kitsune, Jeans Classic by Kitsuné,with Pocket square Acne, Belt Acne, Pin (Golden Fox) Kitsuné .
He loves Diamant for tailoring , Atelier Cattelan for shoe repair and Royal Pressing for Dry cleaning. 

Raphael had some great recommendations  for Paris, definitely  Kitsuné  , La Bourse ou la Vie , great neighborhood french family restaurant and Curio Parlour was a fun late night salon.

Is there a story behind this outfit?
Actually, no. I work at Kitsuné and  woke up late that day, so I just took easy things, a white "T" and a pair of jeans, easy boots and the pocket square, for a little more dressy touch.

Your most marked characteristic?
Eyes, I think. Well, I don't know in fact.

What are you listening to musically?
At the time, a lot to the Kitsuné Tabloid By Phoenix. Otherwise and randomly, Yma Sumac, Erikah Badu, Verdi, Eartha Kitt, The Rapture, Micheal Jackson (mostly 80's), Nina Simone, Meshell N'degeocello...

What books are you reading?
Currently, nothing. As fav', there's (french titles), L'enfant qui devin fou d'amour, L'Amour aux temps du Choléra...

Who is your favorite artist/composers/painters/poets?
Verdi , William Blake

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patrice said...

Great picture and I love what he's wearing. Kitsune is so Paris. You just can't go wrong what ever you buy...