Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ketsi.... reunited after 30 years

In 1984 Our family had no idea what to expect when we  hosted an AFS foreign exchange student named MoeKetsi for a  year of High school in Urbandale Iowa. 
I never thought or realized the situation going on in South Africa at the time and how much bravery and courage  he had to come to our house at the age of 16/17yrs. 
I am so proud to call him my brother and have this chance to spend some time at his home with his beautiful Family. 
Even though it was womans day (Holiday) in South Africa, his wife made and delicious meal for me and we had so much fun catching up at the house. I so enjoy goofing around with his 2 sons nieces and neighbors
After a spectacular meal his family gave me a tour of Johannesburg and Soweto, where I was honored to meet his mother and other sister. We also stopped by Mandela's birth-home and his wife school across the street 
It was an unbelievably joyous day and I can not thank him and his family enough  for showering me with their love and hospitality.

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