Monday, August 26, 2013


I am overjoyed with how these shirts turned out. 
These are some of the African Fabrics I brought back from Paris,Thank you to my friend Raphaël.
 I thought to use them for inspiration , back-rounds and then I thought.....what about shirts:-) 
Actually, in Paris I realized how monochromatic everything is. Beautiful yes, but one day in the gray skies,
 the stone buildings and everyone dressed in black and gray, a door opened and the beautiful African woman 
wrapped in colorful fabrics smiled as she stepped out onto the street. You couldn't help but be happy to see her radiated  down the street, like a beautiful ray of sun in the fog of gray. 
I was directed to an amazing tailor in San Moreno, Bill Cairo Custom Tailors.
I  gave the details of what I imagined for the shirts and was
blown away by the expertise and detail given.  
From the cut of the pattern and the detail in sewing, they are really works of art. 
Now I  smile every time I see them ... even just hanging in the closet.

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