Monday, June 3, 2013

Christian Louboutin

Ok enough of the garden for a moment.... Fashion!
I have to talk about my shoes I just LOVE Christian Louboutin, I own a couple of pair and yes they are mens :-)(and still have the red bottoms) Last trip to Paris I visited the boutique and came across these!!! 
My Friend said .. "They are Fabulous but maybe for the Prince of Qatar" And yes they are!
 Hand painted designs on python based on Christians travels to visit the Masi people in Africa.. No two pair are a like and Lucky for me this beautiful pair was my size ..other sizes designs and colors were uniquely different.
Now that is Fashion!
There is something I find so decadent, insane, fabulous and beautiful about them.
They are definitely inspirational and I feel special, decadent, insane, fabulous and beautiful when I wear them.

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