Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The NoMad NYC

Ok I am In Love with is place!
 The NoMad Hotel in New York City!
It is so exquisite and Bravo to French Interior designer, Jacques Garcia
 My friend Raphaël ,in Paris, saw on Facebook that I was visiting Kitsuné and ask me to say hello to a friend/colleague who was there for work. Well, She was in a meeting but Kitsuné staff were kind enough to explain the relationship and give me a tour of the hotel. So, On this visit I had to book a room to check it out. I was amazed! The service and hospitality is outstanding. Everything about this hotel and brand is spectacular. This is a real gem
I was so inspired by the colors, the view the light. 
 Everything in the room, restaurant and the library bar is so intentional simple comfortable and beautiful.
I highly recommend you check it out
 for a stay or to dine at the restaurant (Chef Daniel's  food is extremely delicious and innovative) or even stop for a coffee at the Library Bar
You will not be disappointed!
(I am trying to convince them to make room 908 my permanent residence;-))

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