Thursday, July 5, 2012

July First Garden Picks

I am learning a lot about the Garden this year and I guess thats the beauty of it .... like people, no two gardens are the same, each is individually it own thing. 
I worked hard to get things in early this year to reap the most of our summer crops... to my disappointment a lot of things died off and I am realizing maybe the time we put the garden in last year wasn't late but right on time....
I have some leftovers from the winter garden which are still producing for us like lettuce, leeks and  artichokes.  
We have , what I affectionately call sewer tomatoes , They sprung up around the grey water and grew from discarded tomatoes from last year..they are great cherries and are getting us excited for all our other tomatoes to come (they are finally growing good)
We put green beens on the wall this year and they are going like crazy... that is exciting too:-)
Hope all your gardening is going well and love some input on recipes that you make from your produce.

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