Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Harvest

I am amazed by this garden! minifarmBox and Ardenwood edibles has really done us proud! I really feel blessed to have so much growing in my backyard.....truly is overwhelming...just Take a look at what we picked.... and there is tons more!!!!!!! 
Its like a seed pack:-)
Everywhere you look you see the beautiful jewels of tomatoes and eggplant and zucchini
On the bottom left you can see how the tomatoes grew over the wall

In case you forgot how far we have come since July 1st.... 2 months AMAZING!!!!!!!
Again I really encourage everyone to figure out planting for your area and start ... Its amazing all the good it brings to you mind, body and our planet!

Thank you and please check out 


They are great companies and people who care about what they do and really want to help people as well as our planet!

I am anxious to see what we plant for Fall :-)...Do I have A.D.D or what ;-P


Mothercluck! said...

What a beautiful, gorgeous garden! I love the different colored squash and tomatoes. What a bounty!

patrice said...

so happy with what we have. the taste is amazing...

Reed Davis said...

@ mothercluck Thanks!!!! Really makes you grateful !
@Patrice Agreed!