Monday, February 22, 2010

Location Location Location:-)

This past thursday I shoot at the home in Hollywood Hills that Herb Ritts made famous as a location. I was inspired to remembering those iconic images that had influenced me so early in my career.
At one point, I love it, the home owner came out and saw me working and commented,"In the 23 years I've lived here I don't believe I have ever seen another photographer shoot from the angles you are. I think I've seen it all. "
Daniel, my assistant, loved I was so crazy for holding such an incredibly expensive piece of equipment inches above the water, but you gotta get the shot ....¿right? :-)

Oh and you have to try on any wig the hairdresser brings ¿right?

thanks Daniel H├ębert for getting the shots of me :-)

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davear1 said...

You got the pictures on the blog! How cool! Can't wait to see the finished pics in the magazine!