Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2007 Bikini

This was an amazing shoot . Seems like everything was against me on this day and I was so proud to get this series! 
I wanted to shoot more Fashion and missed the clean simplicity of Herb Ritts from the late 80's early 90's.
 As I lit these shots I was amazed , it seemed as though I was shooting two woman , the actual model and her shadow. I enjoyed the play, in reality the model was strong , modern and sexy in a sort of  Helmut Newton  way and the shadow was soft and feminine , delicate, romantic.
Paul at Icon did an amazing job work with me on these images and they were printed on flex paper 20x20 and Rudi and Ramon at Fine Art Solutions  exquisitely framed them with reflective acrylic face and 1/2 in acrylic backing 
Also God Bless 
Model: Alexandra MasHair & Make-up: Helen Jeffers , Stylist: Mellisa Bridge, ;-)Charnelle,Studio:  Smashbox and Assistant: Yolanda White for rolling with the punches on that day !
Thank you 


patrice said...

This is a great series of photos. Thanks for sharing.

Dave said...

So amazing! Those prints must be gorgeous!

Reed Davis said...

Thank you Patrice and Dave I am glad you enjoy... Dave ... Prints are cool I have them up in the studio and everyone comments on them ... although I think its the Model they like .. She is amazing