Monday, April 29, 2013

Maple Tree Farm

I had the privilege of heading to New Hampshire and meeting Dean of Maple Tree Farm.
Throughout the 1990's working with Country Home and Matthew Mead I was introduced to the splendors of the NorthEast. Un-knowingly I was buying Deans Maple Syrup from local shops and bringing it back to friends in NYC as a gift...Well The Maple Syrup is like no other and I was fortunate enough to learn why and finally meet Dean, He is an Amazing and Wonderful Man.
He gave me a gracious tour of his property and trees. I was amazed how much goes into maple syrup and yet how thoughtful, productive and efficient he has made it.
I always think of Maple syrup in the fall and was surprised to learn its made in spring... go figure! Dean explained how his process works , when, where and what kind of trees he sugars from. and walked me through the entire process ... which he also explains on his web-site
He is such an honorable character and it shows in the integrity of his product.
I was surprised to learn all the uses of maple syrup... (I LOVE it in my morning coffee) The flavor is so specific and comforting, (I will not even mention Maple Cream, Maple crystals ...oops!) 
Regular sugar seems chemical/sterile tasting to me now. In fact I use maple syrup for my bread recipes..It adds a comforting character to the flavor of the bread
Dean is also an amazing resource for Maple syrup history and let me see his collection of  antique syrup tins and maple cake tins as well as wooden taps and buckets
Check out his web-site there is a wealth of knowledge and ideas about maple syrup .... Consider its other possibility..... Its not just good for pancakes.

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